What is Transphobia?

Transphobia is the fear of men who are “transgendered”.

Androphobia is the abnormal fear of men.

What type of people are commonly referred to as Transphobic?

Radical Feminists, because of their belief that Transgendered men don’t belong in women’s spaces, like public bathrooms…

Who else fears men in bathrooms?

 Little girls, younger women, and many adult women.

Why do women fear men in bathrooms?

Because women and men have to expose their genitals when using the bathroom.  Exposed genitals can result in anxiety, can be uncomfortable, and makes women vulnerable to potential harm, including biological and physical harm, and also can affect sanitary conditions in the bathroom.

Does anyone else fear men in bathrooms?

“Transgendered women” or “Male to Female Transsexuals” often fear men, and in particular, have a fear of men in men’s bathrooms.

Why do Transgendered people fear men in bathrooms?

There has been alot of violence and rape committed by men against transgenderd people in bathrooms.  There has also been alot of violence and rape committed by men agaist women in bathrooms.

Why do “Trans women” or Transgendered men want to use the women’s bathroom?

1 – They are afraid of the men in the men’s bathroom.

2 – They think they are women and they are asserting their right to live as women.

Do “Trans women” believe that women fear them in bathrooms?

No.  “Trans women” so strongly believe that they are women, that they are unable to understand that women fear them as biological males and as men with penises. They demand that women refer to them as “she” and “woman” despite the fact that many of them has penises.

Is a woman’s fear of men in her bathroom rational?


Is a “Trans woman’s” fear of the men’s bathroom rational?


What is the solution?

Transgendered people need to use the restroom facilities, and many of them refuse to use the facilities of their biological sex.  These people have in essence a disability that prevents them from using their sex appropriate bathroom facility?

Should they be allowed to use the female restroom?

No, but accommodations must be made to ensure that these individuals have a safe bathroom experience, under the ADA.

Should these people also receive free hormone treatment, plastic surgery, or “sex reassignment” surgery?

No, the above mentioned procedures are merely cosmetic and do not cure the individual’s disability.  Undergoing those procedures often result in additional workplace discrimination, harassment, sexual abuse, and violence, and does not alter their non-neurotypical thinking.




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