# TERFmonday…just wasting time


For a few days leading up to febuarary 17th there was some chatter in the trans community about #terfmonday, Shit was going to supposedly “hit the fan.” Several veild threats were issued that looked like an indication that one trans activist, Dana lane Taylor, planned to attempt to hack the accounts of people who disagreed with him, specifically women. Dana has since denied this claim, however tweets exist of Dana soliciting advice from hackers and promising revenge on “TERFs” whom Dana also claims are responsible for the deaths of 50,000 trans women. I’m sure something in most rational people is having a riot mass laugh attack right about now. yes, Radical feminist are responsible for the death of 50,000 trans women! Dana is of course talking about the unfortunate suicide rate of trans people, but…radical feminist being the one’s causing it? Honestly I’d put that up to transphobia (being gender…

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