Will we be more vocal as gay men if Trans men start demanding we sleep with them?


My earlier post asking other gay men to really take up the issue of our lesbian sisters being called “bigots” by trans women(M2T) for not sexually or romantically engaging with them. Step back and look closer: Heterosexual Males ganging up on lesbian women for not sleeping with them. Males who hold an ideology that their power of “identity” can transcend most physical realities, and as such they are as much a valid lesbian as a born female lesbian, and if this falls into question with a female born lesbian she is a transphobic bigot.

Quite a few people have made mention of my focus seemingly solely on trans women. Because of this they like to call me a “transmisogynist” in lieu of just plain ole “transphobic”. Don’t worry though, I get that too. The focus on trans women over trans men(F2T) is due primarily for two reasons. The first being…

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# TERFmonday…just wasting time


For a few days leading up to febuarary 17th there was some chatter in the trans community about #terfmonday, Shit was going to supposedly “hit the fan.” Several veild threats were issued that looked like an indication that one trans activist, Dana lane Taylor, planned to attempt to hack the accounts of people who disagreed with him, specifically women. Dana has since denied this claim, however tweets exist of Dana soliciting advice from hackers and promising revenge on “TERFs” whom Dana also claims are responsible for the deaths of 50,000 trans women. I’m sure something in most rational people is having a riot mass laugh attack right about now. yes, Radical feminist are responsible for the death of 50,000 trans women! Dana is of course talking about the unfortunate suicide rate of trans people, but…radical feminist being the one’s causing it? Honestly I’d put that up to transphobia (being gender…

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What is Transphobia?

Transphobia is the fear of men who are “transgendered”.

Androphobia is the abnormal fear of men.

What type of people are commonly referred to as Transphobic?

Radical Feminists, because of their belief that Transgendered men don’t belong in women’s spaces, like public bathrooms…

Who else fears men in bathrooms?

 Little girls, younger women, and many adult women.

Why do women fear men in bathrooms?

Because women and men have to expose their genitals when using the bathroom.  Exposed genitals can result in anxiety, can be uncomfortable, and makes women vulnerable to potential harm, including biological and physical harm, and also can affect sanitary conditions in the bathroom.

Does anyone else fear men in bathrooms?

“Transgendered women” or “Male to Female Transsexuals” often fear men, and in particular, have a fear of men in men’s bathrooms.

Why do Transgendered people fear men in bathrooms?

There has been alot of violence and rape committed by men against transgenderd people in bathrooms.  There has also been alot of violence and rape committed by men agaist women in bathrooms.

Why do “Trans women” or Transgendered men want to use the women’s bathroom?

1 – They are afraid of the men in the men’s bathroom.

2 – They think they are women and they are asserting their right to live as women.

Do “Trans women” believe that women fear them in bathrooms?

No.  “Trans women” so strongly believe that they are women, that they are unable to understand that women fear them as biological males and as men with penises. They demand that women refer to them as “she” and “woman” despite the fact that many of them has penises.

Is a woman’s fear of men in her bathroom rational?


Is a “Trans woman’s” fear of the men’s bathroom rational?


What is the solution?

Transgendered people need to use the restroom facilities, and many of them refuse to use the facilities of their biological sex.  These people have in essence a disability that prevents them from using their sex appropriate bathroom facility?

Should they be allowed to use the female restroom?

No, but accommodations must be made to ensure that these individuals have a safe bathroom experience, under the ADA.

Should these people also receive free hormone treatment, plastic surgery, or “sex reassignment” surgery?

No, the above mentioned procedures are merely cosmetic and do not cure the individual’s disability.  Undergoing those procedures often result in additional workplace discrimination, harassment, sexual abuse, and violence, and does not alter their non-neurotypical thinking.



Comment on, “the “intercourse” series”.

the “intercourse” series.

Do women really feel that all penile penetration hurts women.  That’s really sad to hear.  It is basic human nature that a penis inserts into the vagina.  Yes, childbirth is physically painful, but the joy of parenting outweigh that pain.  I don’t know how anyone could prescribe to that theory unless they have 1- never experienced consensual sex, or 2 – have been  physically traumatised by rape or an unhappy sexual encounter.

NT Gender Stereotypes and the Conforming Transgender Agenda

There is a mostly internet but also PR campaign based war, an ongoing conflict, which is currently transpiring between the Radical Feminists and the Transgendered Agenda, which is harmful to both agendas, and isn’t helping either side to further it’s cause.

The root of the conflict revolves around this elusive concept, commonly referred to as “gender identity”.  Radical Feminists, or RadFems, are not on the same page with the Transgendered Agenda when it comes to the basic definition of that elusive concept.

On both sides of the war, there is some agreement that “gender identity” exists in the sense that “gender identity” describes how a person “feels” and that it refers to “emotions, feelings, and brain functions” but that it also includes “physcial realities regarding the human body”,  that it goes “beyond a mere psychological level and encompasses physical aspects”.

From a RadFem perspective, a person can have issues regarding their “gender identity” in the sense that the indivdual deviates from the “neurotypical stereotypes” of how persons of their sex (male or female) are supposed to act and feel.

From a Transgendered perspective, a person can have issues regarding their “gender identity” in the sense that the individual deviates from the “nerotypical stereotypes” of how persons of their sex (male or female) are supposed to act and feel.

What?  Same definition?  Why don’t these two groups get along?  Because the reaction and solution to those differences is fundamentally different between the two groups.

The RadFems, when faced with the problem of deviating from the “neurotypical stereotypes” belive that it is important, fundamental to their being, to stand up to those stereotypes, and disprove them.  It’s part of the basis of feminism in general.  Women have been told that “females can’t do this, and must do that”  and feminism has been fighting against those gender based stereotypes of what women are told they can and cannot do, as it’s main cause, reason for existence.  Then there’s another part of feminism, which is promoting the interests of females, and many of those involve women’s safety and women’s health, which largely involve the biological aspects of being female and dealing with female sex organs.

Enter the Transgender Agenda, when faced with the problem of deviating from the “neurotypical stereotypes” believe that it is important, fundamental to their being, to assert that their “gender identity” does not match their “sexual organs”.  The problem with this is that in order to define one’s “gender identity” and to be able to claim that it does not match their “sexual organs” is by means of reinforcing the “neurotypical stereotypes” of how males and females are supposed to act.

The RadFem will asks:  “How can you “feel like a woman” when you are clearly a male, born with male sex organs and the biology of a male?  You don’t know what it feels like to be a woman, you’ve never had female sex organs, you’ve never had a uterus, you don’t menstruate, etc.

The Transgendered response:  I feel like I am trapped inside the wrong body, For example, the Transgender person feels, “I feel like my brain is the opposite sex from what my genital sex, I feel that I should have been born with the genitals of the opposite sex, and other than my sex organs, I am really a member of the opposite sex on the inside” The Transgendered can’t explain why they feel this way, only that “I feel that my gender identity does not match my sex” or that “I don’t feel right in this body”.

For the Transgendered community, being a female is conforming to the neurotypical stereotypes of how males and females are supposed to act.  The Transgendered person is basically saying, I feel more comfortable acting like the NT gender sterotype of the opposite gender, and therefore, I am that gender, it is my “gender identity”.  My “gender identity” is that I am a member of the opposite sex, irregardless of my genitals.  In order to feel better about one’s self, the Transgendered person assumes the “gender identity” of the opposite gender and lives and dresses in accordance with the NT gender stereotypes, in most cases.

Why are the RadFems so pissed about that?  Because it is a reinforcement of NT gender norms, it is basically saying, “being female” is about conforming to those norms, and that being “female” is being defined by Transgendered persons, as something other than possessing female sexual organs and the hormones and biology unique to that sex.

That’s where RadFems call out Transgendered individuals as being “full of it”.  You’re not women, you’re men.  You may think and act more like the NT stereotypes of how women are supposed to think and act, but that doesn’t mean that you are a woman.  You’re just a non-conforming man, a person who is not neurotypical in your gender expression, based on those NT gender stereotypes.

And this is where it escalates into an all out war.  RadFems don’t want Transgendered persons referring to themselves as members of the opposite sex.  By doing so, they are reinforcing neuro-typical gender roles, stereotypes, and pre-conceptions about how men and women should act.

The Transgendered individual, under the current Transgendered Agenda, is basically saying, since we don’t conform to the neurotypical gender stereotypes for our sex, and we don’t fit into society unless we conform, we are going to go ahead and change our “gender identity” so that we can conform to the rules based on the gender identity we adopt.  We know that we act more like the “neurotypical gender stereotype” for the opposite sex.  Therefore, in order to better fit into society we are going to adopt that sex as our own, and refer to it as our “gender identity”.

RadFem says, no no no no no, you can’t do that.  There’s alot more to “being a woman” than conforming to “neurotypical gender roles”.  You can’t just act all girly girl and start using the women’s restroom.  You still have a penis, you’re still a man.  I don’t care if you “feel and act more feminine” doesn’t make you female.  What, you don’t have a penis?  Doesn’t matter, you’re still not a woman.  You won’t ever give birth, be raped and get pregnant, be forced into having an abortion, feel the pain of child-birth or abortion, go through the monthly hormonal cycle of womanhood, experience the joy of childbirth, and the pain and anguish over the aftermath of childbirth and how that affects the human body.  You’ll never have stretch marks, and incontinence, and you’ll never experience the suffering and pain that women go through in order to bring their sons into this world, or to see their sons and daughters mutilated through “so-called gender reassignment surgery” aka Genital Mutilation.

The Transgendered Agenda can’t compete with that, they have nothing, so they resort to bullying, you RadFems are a bunch of “butch dykes”, you think “gender identity” is all about sex organs and hormones, gender is much more complicated than that, it’s fluid, it’s evolving.

And then the RadFem response, and you Transgendered think that “gender identity” is not all about sex organs and hormones, yet you are obsessed with having the sexual organs of opposite gender and referring to yourself as a member of the opposite sex (i.e. persons born with those sex organs)… your “logic” doesn’t make sense and therefore, the whole Transgender movement is a colossal FAIL.

Then the Transgendered response, by speaking to us in this manner you are belittling us, you are not understanding our cause.  You don’t get it, us “non-neurotypicals” don’t feel safe around NT’s, especially when we defy their gender expextations, we feel safer when we are able to live and dress like members of the opposite sex, and therefore adopt that “gender identity” of the opposite sex.  We don’t feel safe using the bathroom that is assigned for our sex, because the NT members of that sex don’t treat us well, because we don’t conform to the gender norms and expectations that the NT people have for our sex, we want to live and be a part of the opposite sex (from our birth or genital sex) and use their restroom because we feel safer there and more comfortable with members of that sex, conforming to the traditional “neurotypical gender stereotypes” for that sex.

Then the RadFem response, yes but you don’t get it.  We don’t feel safe around persons of the male sex, especially in our bathrooms and locker rooms, and that pretty much means all persons of the male sex, irregardless of their “gender identity” or whether they conform to “neurotypical gender stereotypes” because they still have a penis.  Penises are scary in general, they can be used to rape, harass, and intimidate women,  We have concerns that penises in our restrooms could lead to things such as rape, or just plain, “oops I just saw a penis” which is scary for many women, particularly young girls, and “there’s pee on the toilet seat”, which is also very uncomfortable for women.

Then there’s going to be a huge flame piled onto this war, like an injection of lighter fluid onto the coals of gender identity, and then throwing a match in it…

RadFems are, in many cases, women who don’t conform to “neurotypical gender stereotypes”.  Therefore, many of them, but not all, are very close to being Transgendered, except that they completely dismiss the Transgendered ideology because they react to the exact same problem in a different way.

For example, a Radical Feminist, a girl with a “boy brain”, a girl possibly dianosed with “ASD, Autism, Asperger’s, will not respond to her predicament by automatically endearing the Transgendered Agenda.  Why?  Because she isn’t going to let some NT assholes define womanhood, and put people into boxes based on their “sterotypical gender expectations”.  She isn’t going to deny her sex “female” and just blindly conform to those gender expectations.  She’s going to embrace her femaleness and then constantly combat the traditional gender roles, fight against the NT bullshit that is shoved down her throat by the media, hollywood, and just the overwhelmingly NT society in general.  She’s going to stand up against the bullshit and fight.  “NOT ALL WOMEN WEAR DRESSES!”

The Transgender Agenda uses its own terminology, in order to justify the entirety of the Transgender Agenda, which many RadFems believe is just wrong, plain and simple, and includes Genital Mutilation.

Personally, I think that the Transgender Agenda needs to change.  It needs to become more of a movement about helping individuals that to not conform to the NT stereotypical gender expectations, and more about helping people accept themselves for who they are, and live who they are, without trying to “be” a “member of the opposite sex”.  Understanding that “gender identity” is a construct designed to justify a whole slew of horrifying medical procedures, the Genital Mutilation, that so many Transgendered people have been pushed into, being told it was the “cure”.  Labeling it as “gender reassignment” when it should really be called out as what it is “GENITAL MUTILATION”.

We need to get a new movement going, where non-conforming people can just not conform, without trying to be a part of the opposite sex.  Without trying to subvert the obvious, that they are not a part of the opposite sex and never will be.  Without trying to use fancy terminology to define things in a way that makes your biological sex something dissassociated with your gender.  Bullshit, sex=gender.

The whole “gender identity” is a construct, fabricated to sell make-up, high heels, plastic surgery, hormones, and “surgical procedure” that is nothing more than Genital Mutilation.

Believe me, RadFems want to help Transgendered people be accepted into society, and to be safe.  But we can not support an agenda that basically encourages plastic surgery, genital mutilation, and conformance to “neurotypical gender stereotypes” disguised as “gender identity” especially when the ultimate means of dealing with the problem involve Genital Mutilation and the subjugation of the sex female to an ethereal, non-existant, concept, totally unrelated to the physical sex “female” and all of the issues that go with it.

So, I ask that the Transgendered community consider the following changes:

1 – Stop separating gender from sex.  Gender is sex.  Don’t try to redefine gender as something other than sex.

2 – Start using words like NT instead of cisgender.  Cisgender is bullshit.  There’s no such thing as being born with matching or mismatching sex organs.  That’s all imaginary bullshit based on traditional neurotypical stereotypes of how males/females are supposed to behave and feel.

3 – Start saying things like, “my male son does not conform to the traditional gender roles assigned to females, he likes Barbies, and wearing dresses, I think he’s not NT, but he’s still a boy.  I’m going to let him (my non-NT son) wear dresses, because he likes them, so please accept him for who he is, a male, a boy — who does not conform to gender stereotypes and NT expectations of gender.”

5 – Educate yourself on Autism and Asperger’s.  Consider that you may be on the Spectrum.  That there is something different and non-NT about your brain, and that’s okay.  There’s just something about Autism and The Spectrum, it includes dissociation of the mind from the body, the dissasociation can be so severe that the mind rejects the body, but the feelings of being non-NT will never change.  You can’t fix the body to match the brain, it doesn’t work like that, telling people that is a lie, a big lie manufactured by the NT medical community that doesn’t have the ability to cure the spectrum.  The Spectrum includes the gay and transgendered community, whether or not they want to be a part of it, or reject it.

6 – There will always be some NT individuals who are part of the Gay and Transgendered community because they were socially indoctrinated through various forms of abuse, sexual assault, child abuse, or by other cultural means, such as being exposed to certain communities, etc, but the majority will be people on the Spectrum.

7 – Please stop demanding that NT people use the Transgendered Agenda terminology, and refer to biological males or females with opposite sex pronouns. Stop trying to invade the private spaces reserved for the opposite sex (based on their physical genitalia, like bathrooms, or private dressing rooms.  Quit asking for birth certificates stating that you are the opposite sex.   Quit conforming, and demand NT to accepted you as “who they are”, which could be queer, or non-NT, or non-conforming with gender expectations, you want to keep the word Transgender, okay, that’s fine.

8 – Remember that photo of the Indian girl that was circulating on the internet, http://www.gurl.com/2012/09/25/balpreet-kaur-sikh-facial-hair-reddit  ?  The Transgendered Agenda could learn a thing or two from this wonderful person, who said,

“Just as a child doesn’t reject the gift of his/her parents, Sikhs do not reject the body that has been given to us. By crying ‘mine, mine’ and changing this body-tool, we are essentially living in ego and creating a separateness between ourselves and the divinity within us,” she explained. “By transcending societal views of beauty, I believe that I can focus more on my actions. My attitude and thoughts and actions have more value in them than my body because I recognize that this body is just going to become ash in the end, so why fuss about it? When I die, no one is going to remember what I looked like, heck, my kids will forget my voice, and slowly, all physical memory will fade away. However, my impact and legacy will remain, and, by not focusing on the physical beauty, I have time to cultivate those inner virtues and hopefully, focus my life on creating change and progress for this world in any way I can. So, to me, my face isn’t important but the smile and the happiness that lie behind the face are.”

Read more: http://www.gurl.com/2012/09/25/balpreet-kaur-sikh-facial-hair-reddit/#ixzz31i6PYqY8

9 – What am I really getting at here?   Transgendered Youth don’t need to be fixed,  because they weren’t really born with the wrong sex organs.  Continue to use the term Transgendered to describe persons that don’t conform to NT stereotypical gender roles, and try to break those NT barriers.  But quit saying “I’m the opposite sex” or “I have the wrong sex organs”  because you DON’T.  Include Transsexuals but don’t promote Genital Mutilation.

10 – Give up on the “I’m NT, just in the wrong body”.  Bullshit.  NT means NT, means your “gender identity” automatically matches your “genetalia”  Period.  You are “other” embrace your “otherness”.  And by other, I mean non-NT.



And if y’all don’t like what I’m doing… {Post comments below} or shut the fuck up.